OUT NOW: Circle Magazine Issue 2: Desperation

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This issue, we explore the many faces of desperation with creatives across the industry, and talk to Tony Kaye, Matt & Ben, Sara Dunlop and more. Plus all the winners at the 2013 Creative Circle Awards, and an in-depth look into the beautiful minds behind our Gold of Golds winner.

Take a sneak peak, courtesy of the man behind the design, Dave Towers:



We want your dusty old trophies

Our first award was wood. The second was polished concrete. This year the award will be made from recycled awards and trophies. And it’ll look a little like this:

proto-awardTo create it, we need your help. So we’re holding an Awards Amnesty.

So if you have any old awards/trophies that are collecting dust, send them our way. Not just advertising trophies but anything. Swimming, Cycling, Ice Skating, Archery, even Ballroom Dancing. Send them in to the Creative Circle and have your awards immortalised within ours. Who knows, perhaps your old swimming badge will end up sitting on a desk in Trevor Beattie’s office.

Mark Denton and the lovely folks at Coy! Communications have helped us kick things off by donating a bagful of old awards.


Send yours to Creative Circle, 90 Long Acre, Covent Garden, WC2E 9RZ, or email us and we’ll send over some lucky lackey to pick it up.


It’s World Toilet Day

Yes. Seriously. And to help us all appreciate our toilets a little more, NOW and The Glue Society have created Louis the Loo.

Did you know that where toilets don’t exist, thousands die? In fact, around 700,000 children die every year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation – that’s almost 2,000 children a day.

So say thank you to your toilet today. And find out more about World Toilet Day at http://www.wateraid.org/wtd

And a huge thank you to NOW for letting us use their studio space to put the finishing touches to this year’s Circle magazine.

Issue 2 of Circle Magazine has gone to print

It’s been a long and winding road to get to the second issue of Circle magazine. And desperation wasn’t just the theme, but also the feeling we all had getting it done.

Every page, every article, every image has been created and put together by volunteers. We have submissions from some of the industry’s top people, comments from some of the industry’s newest stars, a rundown of all the 2013 award winners, and interviews with some incredible people.

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 10.12.07

It’s bigger, it’s orangier, and it’s very slightly beardier. So what are you waiting for? Pre-order your copy now

And to further whet your appetite, check out this exclusive sneak preview of the entire magazine:


The Best Creative Department in the Kingdom?

It’s a tough one. Is bigger better? Do the big network names crush the little indy agencies with sheer numbers? Or is small and nimble better, without the constraints of hierarchy and agency politics?

Whatever the answer, this year, we’ll know definitively which UK agency is home to the Best Creative Department.

But here’s the clincher. One does not simply enter The Creative Circle Gold Award for Best Creative Department. It’s worked out based on the size of your department and your success on the night.


So the more your department enters, the better your chances. Maybe the big boys will win, but their handicap is bigger. Maybe it’ll be a creative department of two, sitting in a basement somewhere, churning out award-winning work like there’s no tomorrow.

Let’s wait and see.


2014 Creative Circle Awards: Open for Entries


We’re back. And bigger than ever. Or smaller, depending how you look at it. The Creative Circle Awards are all about celebrating the creativity of today. So our categories needed a bit of an overhaul.

There’s been a bit of streamlining overall, so this year there are just 62 categories. But crucially, EVERY category has a Gold Award up for grabs. That’s 62 Golds that could have your name on them.

We’ve also added two completely new categories that can’t be entered directly. Best Creative Department and Best Production House. These will be judged on overall success at the awards. So the more your agency enters, the better your chances. All the more reason to join the Circle.

Entries close on 24 Jan 2014. Stick it in your diary.

A full list of this year’s categories follows. As usual, there are no hard and fast rules about what can and can’t be entered into a category. But if the judges think it’s in the wrong place, they’ll kick it out, so use your noggin.


1               Best TV – Single
2               Best TV – Campaign
3               Best Cinema
4               Best Online Film
5               Best under 30’
6               Best 30 – 60’
7               Best Idents


8               Best Radio – Single
9               Best Radio – Campaign


10            Best Press – Single
11            Best Press – Campaign


12            Best Poster – Single
13            Best Poster – Campaign
14            Best use of Medium (must include 100 word description)
15            Best Digital Poster
16            Best Special Build (must include 100 word description)
17            Best Transit Poster


18            Best Site/Microsite (must include 100 word description)
19            Best Digital-led Campaign (must include 100 word description)
20            Best Online Display Ad
21            Best Mobile Campaign (must include 100 word description)
22            Best App/Online Game (must include 100 word description)
23            Best use of Social Networking (must include 100 word description)
24            Best use of DOOH


25            Best Flyer/Ticket/Card/Etc
26            Best Logo
27            Best Book/Publication/Annual/Etc
28            Best Book/Publication Front Cover

DIRECT (each entry must include 100 word description)

29            Best Direct Campaign
30            Best High Vol Mailing
31            Best Low Vol Mailing (under 2,000 mailings)


32            Best Charity or Public Service Film
33            Best Charity or Public Service Press
34            Best Charity or Public Service Poster

EXPERIENTIAL (each entry must include 100 word description)

35            Best use of Ambient/Guerrilla
36            Best Event/Product Launch
37            Best Event Led Campaign
38            Best Branded Environment
39            Best Brand Activity at Festival or Public Event


40            Best Direction
41            Best Editing
42            Best Cinematography
43            Best Production Design (must include 100 word description)
44            Best Script
45            Best Casting


46            Best Writing
47            Best use of the Medium


48            Best Copy
49            Best Art Direction
50            Best Typography
51            Best Illustration
52            Best Photography
53            Best Image Manipulation


54            Best FX/CGI/Animation in Film or Digital
55            Best Music/Sound Design in Film, Radio or Digital


56            Best innovation in any medium (must include 100 word description)

NEW TALENT (each entry must include 100 word description)

57            Best up-and-coming Film Director
58            Most Promising Newcomer to the Industry


59            Best Creative Department (cannot be entered directly)
60            Best Production Company (cannot be entered directly)


61            Best Integrated Campaign
62            Best Low Budget Idea (under £30k)


01/11/2013     Open for entries
24/01/2014     Close entries
05/02/2014     First Round Online Judging starts
12/02/2014     First Round Online Judging closes
14/02/2014     Second Round Online Judging starts –
21/02/2014     Second Round Online Judging closes
03/03/2014     Gold Judging
13/03/2014     Awards Night at The Roundhouse


Film entry single – £250
Film entry campaign – £350
All other entries, single – £225
All other entries, campaign – £300
Event tickets, early bird discount – £225 (if booked before Feb)
Event ticket non discount – £250


STUDENTS: Find the #YCCGoldenTicket and win a crit with one of our Gold Judges

Tomorrow night, each of our student attendees will receive a goody bag with a copy of The Drum, Lürzer’s Archive and some other bits and bobs. But ten of those goody bags will also contain a YCC Golden Ticket.Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 16.15.40If you’re lucky enough to find a YCC Golden Ticket, you’ll also find instructions on how to claim your prize, and learn which of our incredible Gold Judges you’ll be meeting.

Good luck, thanks to the brilliant YCC, and see you all tomorrow!