There’s an old old myth that says if you can draw a perfect circle freehand, you’re insane. So we thought we’d put the great and good of the UK’s advertising industry to the test. And we want many, many more, so put yourself to the test, draw us a freehand circle and put your name on it, then simply send us your efforts. The best will be featured at the Creative Circle Ball & Awards this Thursday night, so put Giotto to shame and get drawing.

BenPriest DanielKleinman DaveTrott GerryMoira HughTodd IanWharton JohnHegarty JohnnyLeathers MarkDenton MarkRoalfe MattBatten MattDavis NilsLeonard PeterSouter RobDoubal StevePaskin VickiMaguire WillAwdry