Our first award was wood. The second was polished concrete. This year the award will be made from recycled awards and trophies. And it’ll look a little like this:

proto-awardTo create it, we need your help. So we’re holding an Awards Amnesty.

So if you have any old awards/trophies that are collecting dust, send them our way. Not just advertising trophies but anything. Swimming, Cycling, Ice Skating, Archery, even Ballroom Dancing. Send them in to the Creative Circle and have your awards immortalised within ours. Who knows, perhaps your old swimming badge will end up sitting on a desk in Trevor Beattie’s office.

Mark Denton and the lovely folks at Coy! Communications have helped us kick things off by donating a bagful of old awards.


Send yours to Creative Circle, 90 Long Acre, Covent Garden, WC2E 9RZ, or email us and we’ll send over some lucky lackey to pick it up.