EmmaEmma De La Fosse, ECD at OgilvyOne and Creative Circle Gold Judge, shares some of the work that piqued her interest this year…

Cancer Research UK by AMV

Emma says, “‘Research will beat cancer. The more research we do, that sooner that day will come.’  Absolutely inarguable. A powerful strategy and one that we also toyed with when we had the CRUK account. Sadly at that time the scientists at CRUK couldn’t back that statement up with enough hard evidence so it went by the wayside. I am so glad they can say it now. Another reason I love this ad is because it is going to be a really interesting test of all those ‘best practice’ rules and regulations about how to write charity ads. There are instruction manuals on how to do it, I kid you not. This beautiful commercial breaks many of those ‘rules’ that clients love to adhere to; no ‘£2 a month’ ask, no kid with a bald head. I really hope it raises huge amounts of money because then we can all sling those damn ‘best practice’ guidelines in the bin.

Client Comments from Sharp Suits (Ireland)

Emma says, This work isn’t from Blighty but it strikes me as being very British in spirit. It’s the advertising equivalent of disappearing off into the shed and emerging with something quirky, unique and daft. And it makes you smile and feel nice for a bit.”

[Usually, Creative Circle wouldn’t highlight work from outside the UK. But as this is a charity cause supported by Ireland’s creative community, we’ve made an exception in this case.]

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