Registration closes at 11am tomorrow. So if you want to be one of the hundreds of UK creatives who’ve signed up to be Creative Circle first-round judges, register now.

As you might remember, we’re asking you for quick bios as part of the registration. Here’s some more of our favourites:

  • “I used to work as a janitor at the University of Central Lancashire. Each night, when all the other students had gone home, I would sneak into the advertising building and crack briefs that had been pinned up on the board. I was eventually caught in the act by a well-respected tutor who attempted to take me under his wing. With the help of a kind hearted psychiatrist the tutor was able to transform me into a fully integrated creative, capable of writing award-winning adverts for a selection of different clients..”
  • “When not working I’m usually cooking meat.”
  • “I like (take a deep breath): writing, drawing, thinking, reading, looking like I’m thinking, working with students and graduates, bee dogs, ‘socialising’, chocolate, scotch eggs, photography, painting, the Internets, films, funny videos of cats – but weirdly I don’t like cats, and loads of other stuff I won’t bore you about here – but if you’re interested feel free to email me and I’ll send you a longer list, or if you’re vey lucky, draw you a picture. Oh, I also ‘do’ ads too.”
  • “For work I’ve buzzed Blackpool Tower in a helicopter, had the Arsenal double-winning goal nets delivered to reception and stilt walked at 2am in Gorky Park, Moscow. That type of thing.”
  • “Tragically, I was born illiterate. But I bravely soldiered on and by the time I was 5, I could read and write as well as any boy in my class. Today, I read and write professionally for many different clients and have a beard. Coincidence? I think not.”

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