imageMJ Delaney, director, YouTube sensation, and Creative Circle Gold Judge, shares a couple of her favourite pieces of work from the past year…

Nike “The Nike Flyknit Collective
1948-London-Nike-Flyknit-Collective-Class-of-2012-1MJ says: “I thought it was refreshing to see a brand celebrating and financing young creatives in different disciplines. (Rather than just nicking their ideas and diluting them!) Nike put it best themselves I think: “This book is filled with the people of London, who don’t feel bound by limitations but are instead driven by a desire to innovate and generate change. Some of them have just started out in their fields and some of them have already carved their niche, but woven together they’re the reason why London is one of the most dynamic and engaging cities in the world.””

Channel 4 “Meet the Superhumans” by 4Creative

MJ says. “An obvious choice, but possibly the most successful ad I’ve ever seen – it changed a whole nation’s way of looking at disability and made everyone really excited about an event they didn’t realise they’d enjoy. Public Enemy was inspired and the edit is really clever – the cut-down is powerful in its own right, re-imagining the footage and the structure to make it a different film, not just a shorter version of the same.”

More incredible work. But do they both deserve a Gold? Let us know.

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