As you know, we’re inviting every creative in the industry to register with the Creative Circle to be part of our new judging process. And our inbox is literally bursting at the seams. We now have judges from all over the country, including London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester and more. So don’t miss your chance.

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As part of the registration, we ask you for a quick bio. Here are some of the more memorable ones we’ve received so far (names and agencies redacted for obvious reasons):

  • “After 17 years of pouring my heart and soul into ads, of honing and crafting them, of amassing awards like sweeties, I have to come to the conclusion that exaggerating is the only way forward.”
  • “The first jury I ever sat on we jailed some oiks for deception. Is it gonna be a bit like that?”
  • “Integrated copywriter, mostly doing digital stuff these days. Been working 12 years. Cute butt.”
  • “ECD at [Agency], no VPL. Lives in TW11 with the 2.4. Working on TVC, SP, DM, ATL, TTL and BTL. As well as www, MPU and ASU. All ASAP and PDQ.”
  • “Just another ad geek.”
  • “Art director. Scorpio. 5’11”. Likes: man leggings (meggings). Dislikes: 99.9% of society.”
  • “Creative Director at [XXX]. Likes fishing.”
  • “London based copywriter with 6 years working on mainly digital and integrated projects at [Agency] and [Agency]. I also just found out that elephants can’t jump.”
  • “Senior Copywriter who’s been playing around with ideas in London for the past 10 years. Most of the time they die a torturous death, but occasionally….”

What will your bio say? 

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