And this year, we’re going concrete. But making the award isn’t as easy as it seems. When they’re all put together, the awards form a circle of their own. So getting each one to bend at exactly the right angle is nothing short of bloody difficult.  That’s why this year, we’re using 3D printing to get it exactly right. The incredible Thomas Forsyth explains why:

“The reason we’ll be going down the 3D print route is for the most accurate master copy possible, which will then be used to create a mould. The form of the award itself looks fairly simple, but, because of the curves, movement tolerances of concrete (or most other materials) and precise angles needed for them all to form the circle, 3D printing offers a far superior accuracy (often to 50 – 100 microns) than anything else I know of at the moment.”

3D printing to within 50-100 microns? That’s some precision crafting right there. More details to come, and hopefully some photos, but for now, here’s Tom’s beautiful gallery of the 2012 Award :