This week, we have our first entry from an agency. We had a little chat with the fine folks over at BETC about setting up a record label and being a part of culture instead of just mimicking it…

Neil Dawson, ECD and co-founder, told us, “We think agencies need to be far closer to culture than ever before. We’re the first to comment, mimic and meme but rarely get our hands dirty creating the culture we’re so ready to critique. Music is just one aspect of this, we are openly looking for opportunities in the arts world too. Agencies can no longer sit on the edge and observe. 
This philosophy is in our roots, our famous sister agency BETC Paris proffers a unique vision of the business that goes beyond traditional advertising and includes design, architecture, art, music, fashion. It is today composed of dedicated departments with expertise in luxury, design, music, content, retail and publishing.

It’s easy to say these things. But BETC London have genuinely lived up to this philosophy and last year launched Worker Records, their own record label. Before signing The Erratic Man (Infadels & Rinocerose frontman Bnann) earlier this year, and releasing his first single ‘Back in the Day’.

“It’s a big, feel good track that raises a smile with everyone. The video, a theatrical taxidermy treat, was conceived in the agency and shot by RSA.”

There’s even a bit of social media goodness too – add your own pet to the choir. And you can buy the track here.

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