Two posts in one day? It’s like Christmas come early, we’re sure. Anyway, we had a chat with creative duo Johnny & Angus about their latest side project – Crapping Paper™.


According to the site, it’s “the wrapping paper that ruins the surprise!” Which means it tells you what the present is before you open it. And it’s just in time for those last minute presents you didn’t really have time to think about.

CC: Where did the idea come from?

J+A: We were just chatting about how stupid Christmas can be. Like when you tell your partner what you want for Christmas, then they go out and buy it and wrap it up for you and put it under the tree. And you do the same for them. And then you have to feign surprise and delight on Christmas morning, even though you both know exactly what you’re getting. So we thought it’d be funny to make wrapping paper that debunked that.

CC: So what made you do it for real?

J+A: We have loads of those pointless ideas, but more and more we’re trying to bring them to life. It’s great when you show people something and they say, “did you really make that?” And you’re all like, “yeah” and your ego does a little dance. Isn’t that a big part of why we’re in the industry anyway?

So we made Crapping Paper. And people like it. And they’re using it. And it’s been featured on some good blogs like Gizmodo and Trend Hunter. And the site’s crashed twice because we’ve had too many visitors. It’s great. We’re happy. And our egos are dancing like two ten-year-olds at a wedding.

Our egocentricity was bolstered when we got on telly for our London Underdogs project back in the summer. So since then we’ve been doing lots of other bits and pieces too, like our Hangover on Board badges and our always-just-about-to-launch charity project GoDo.

CC: How important is it for creatives to have side projects?

J+A: We love to make stuff ourselves – so we’re always learning how to do new things, like dealing with charity politics or working out the difference between Class and ID. We think that’s an important part of being a creative in the modern industry. Everything’s changing so quickly, so you have to keep up or get out.

Of course, a lot of things are completely beyond us, so another great part of doing side projects is finding interesting and brilliant people to work with. Our mate Rob, for example, designed the entire Crapping Paper site. But when nobody we knew had the time to code the Crapping Paper Generator, we used to find a guy in Pakistan to do it for us. It’s just nice to talk to people who know different things to you.

And it’s always surprising how many people are willing to get involved in a stupid idea.

Merry Christmas everyone. And remember, if you have a side project you’d like to tell us about, drop us a line at