We recently caught up with Creative Circle ex-President Dave Waters, who’s currently “grinding out the lovely stuff” at Watermill with the brilliant Bertie Miller. Together, they’re responsible for a lot of great side projects, but today we’re talking Torygraph.

CC: What can you tell us about the Torygraph and side projects in general?

Dave: I used to arrive in the office about half an hour before Bertie most days and sometimes it amused me to change the headline on the newspaper to something ridiculous so that when he walked in the first thing he saw was a puerile phrase on the front of my Telegraph.

It was always utterly childish and of no commercial value. It’s just a joyous piece of typography that starts my day off with a smile.

We were doing a project for one of our clients and the issue of spreading stuff on the net and building an audience came up. It comes up a lot and we decided to get some proper experience.

We designed and built the Torygraph site on tumblr originally. Around a year ago we wanted to upgrade our knowledge and try a more sophisticated site (technically, not content-wise obviously) with better data so we could understand how an audience reacts and builds. We know there’s an average 3000 viewers every day with occasional massive peaks that coincide with big news days and some of the more outrageous headlines. It’s a valuable tool in that respect and an outlet for childish stupidity at the same time.

Often headlines come from people other than Bertie and I, my son Mike and Greg at the office have done several and I like to think of it a bit like the LWT posters we did in the 80’s which always threw up a load of outrageous and potentially litigious concepts that made the creative dept. laugh.

We have two other blogs that we set up and enjoy, one the Crimpington Post we started as a style blog. There were a load of fashion blogs around that showed clothes but nothing that showed off great hair in the same way.

When you have a hair cut you are going to wear it every day for a month so it’s really more important than what pair of jeans you put on tomorrow.

Bertie is a terrific portrait photographer and I badgered him into giving me a new picture every day. It works well until we get super-busy and gives him a creative outlet. It’s always good to be constantly shooting.

I believe if you’re a creative person you’re going to do stuff when you’re not at work. Bertie and I have always had projects on the go that aren’t just there to make us money.

Wonderful stuff. Now, go follow the Torygraph here. And the Crimpington Post here. Then why not go buy the DVD of Dave and Bertie’s Indian motorbike documentary Old Indians Never, Ever, Die:

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