Time for another entry into Creativity without Clients. Meet Marc and Callum, a student team currently in their 3rd year at Sunderland University. These chaps have a number of side projects under their belts, including the super-viral #dangleboris meme – created while on placement at BBH. We spoke to them about their latest project, The Social Study

CC: Where did the idea come from?

M&C: We got the idea on a Megabus, funny enough. We were on our way down to London for some crits with BBH and Workclub.

Callum was browsing Facebook on his phone and mentioned something about all these A-level students posting on Facebook about how they should be revising, but are too distracted by the social media. The idea was born right at that moment. We said, well why don’t we introduce exam revision to Facebook? And then I (Marc) remembered a teacher from school saying “you should revise in a social environment with your friends”. Well, today, that’s Facebook. So we thought, why not, let’s give it a go. 

So we scamped up the idea on the bus and presented it to the people we were going down to see; Andy Sandoz (Workclub) and Pablo Marques (BBH). From the very beginning, we knew a client wouldn’t necessarily be right. It would take away its appeal to students. 

The feedback from both Andy and Pablo was the same; go make it happen. I think a lot of books, especially student ones, only have scamp ideas. So we saw this as an opportunity to do something different, and to make it happen. I remember Pablo’s exact words, ‘MAKE SHIT HAPPEN.’ 

CC: And so you did…

M&C: The hard part was working out HOW to make it happen. Then we said, why not make an experiment, to test if the idea was in fact possible. Luckily, one of my best friends, Richard, had just finished a degree in Geography and was planning to be a teacher. So we asked him, do you want to be part of the project. Thankfully, after a few beers, he said yes. We then asked every one of our friends younger siblings if they wanted to be part of it too.

CC: How important to you think it is for student teams to have side projects in their books?

M&C: I think having side projects are JUST as important as normal ones. It keeps you free I guess. You’re not tied down by a client, so you can makes things that you love. It’s also extremely liberating. To know you’ve built an idea for the ground up, and then seeing it work before your eyes. There’s no better feeling. It’s why I want to be in the industry.

Marc and Callum are now working to make the Social Study project happen on a larger scale. If you can help, or know someone who can help, get in touch with the guys.

And if you have a side project you’d like to tell us about, just drop us a line at blog@creativecircle.co.uk