It’s the theme for the 2013 Circle magazine.

And why not, these are desperate times we live in. With timings and budgets slashed and clients running scared, has safety and mediocrity rendered creativity moot? Are we really that desperate? Is there nothing to be done goddammit?

Or is desperation the thing we crave most?

Is it the thing we feed on?

Are we not, in fact, all a bunch of desperados at heart? Breaking the rules because the rules get us down.

When every concept has been rejected by the creative director or the client, is desperation the thing that drives us to make better work?

Are despair and hopelessness just another barrier to be kicked down and trampled?

Is desperation really that bad?

The first of the 2013 Circle Magazines (we’ll be releasing two next year) will explore the theme of Desperation further. Only pictures. Very few words. More on this soon.

We’re also desperate to hear what you have to say about Desperation. Email your thoughts to or leave a comment on our Facebook Page.