Every creative is a judge. Each and every day, we watch, read, interact with and download ad after ad after ad. We consume more than any other demographic out there. It’s kind of an obsession. And we can’t help but have a say on it all.

That’s cool. That’s crap. That’s boring. That’s smart. That’s funny. That’s awesome. That’s a ripoff. Wish I’d done that. Bet the client fucked that up. Visual pun. Erroneous apostrophe. Done in Brazil in 1979. Bound to pick up a ton of awards. Turkey of the Week. Best. Ad. Ever.

Of course, when it comes to big awards ceremonies, very few of us actually get our say. And in fact, it becomes less about the opinion of the industry, and more about the opinion of an elite few. They’re the best of us, yes – but shouldn’t everyone’s opinion count?

That’s why, in 2013, we’re inviting every creative to be a judge.

If your agency has entered the Creative Circle awards in the past, or intends to this year, we’ll be getting in touch to invite your creative department to take part as online judges.

Small groups of creatives will then mark entries out of 10. The highest scoring of those will be judged again by a jury of senior creatives. And they will select the work that goes on to the Gold jury – those elite few who decide the final winners.

Now doesn’t that sound a bit fairer.

If you’d like to know more, email jeremy@creativecircle.co.uk