The first edition of Circle is out now. And it’s just £12.75 (including delivery) from the Creative Circle website. Order yours today.


This edition:

Inspiration not Congratulation 

You might recognise that little mantra. It was D&AD’s back in 1967. It was right for them back then. But it’s right for us right now.

These days, the Awards Annual is practically irrelevant. Who wants a big, expensive, hard-backed book of printed results, when you can visit a website for free and see all the work as it’s meant to be seen? That’s why we’ve decided to do away with the big decadent book of old and launch something new.

Allow us to introduce Circle. A specialist magazine designed to not only showcase the best British work of the year, but also inspire our young creative talent. With interviews, commentaries and much, much more. It’s inspiration, not congratulation. And this first edition is jam packed full of it.


Circle magazine at Cannes

Jeremy took a couple of proof copies of Circle out to this year’s Cannes festival to see what people thought. And by all accounts, it was a storming success.


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