A client came to me about 5 years ago who was responsible for making their last advert. It was an advert that worked for them, and worked quite well in fact.

But there was an issue. Because they’d come to us for advertising and I had to explain that we didn’t do things that just worked well.

In justifying their ad they said that it “stood out and made the point.

I said, “So does a road sign.

A door hinge, a bulldog clip and a carburettor can work well.

A hawker sells cauliflower by standing out and making his point.

You can “stand out and make a point” holding a board that says, “Golf Sale” on a corner in Oxford Street and it’ll work well.

You can make all the pack shots and lists of contents and prices and logos and coupons in the world bigger and the advertising will “stand out and make a point”.

But we don’t do that.

This is what we do.

We take a brief, we tear it up into tiny pieces in our heads. We digest it. We consume it mystically into our souls. We take the bit not written, the bit that counts, subconsciously into a greater collective conscience. And after a while, and all of a sudden, from seemingly nowhere we breathe a raging fire through the corners of the landscape we work in. We sneak up behind an average world and ram a hot needle into its big hairy lumbering arse. We give a cause, a name, a person shimmering wings and watch them fly. We land a brand on the sun. We shoot hot wild sperm into the belly of a nation, leaving them pregnant with new vision. We rip open skulls and defiantly spit brilliance into every dormant cell.

We practice an art, we’re renaissance men and women, we’re poets and painters.  We stretch minds, we build great endless visions and vistas. We shape thought and promise and possibility. We grow flowers in deserts, we breathe life into dust. We violently and relentlessly chop up the whole stinking status quo with what we’ve learnt and build dreams out of the bloody grey mess.

What we do is magic, voodoo, witchcraft, kabbalah, skulduggery, jiggery-pokery. Call it what you like but please, please, please, should anyone ask, don’t ever tell them we do things that “stand out and make a point”.

Now go and get what you do do and enter it for the Creative Circle awards now.