Your work will be judged by the best of British
With top names like Sir John Hegarty, Colin Nimick, Flo Heiss and Paul Belford heading up our juries, you can be confident your work will be under expert eyes. See all of our Head Judges here.

Every judge is a creative working in the UK
We’ve all heard the gripes about International Juries judging work – ‘it’s not in their language’, ‘it’s a cultural thing’, ‘they hate my country’. Not a problem for us.

We judge creativity, not results
It’s always a shame when a great idea just doesn’t perform. And that can be for all sorts of reasons outside of creative control. We don’t care. If it’s a great idea, it’s a great idea.

You have a better chance of winning
If you enter D&AD or Cannes, you’re competing against a vast pool of entries from all over the world. The Creative Circle only allows work from the UK to enter, so you have a better chance of winning.

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