Head Judge and Creative Director of Build, Michael C Place, tells us what he thinks deserves a Creative Circle Award 2012…


“Design Assembly — 3.”


“I picked this particular piece because as designers we can at time be rather selfish. And this book is the polar opposite of selfishness. Designed by Matt Judge, the book contains 3 archives of over 100 written articles (taken from the Design Assembly website) on design, penned by a broad range of contributors. The book itself is a lovely object, 3 different sized sections, all held together by a beautifully paced design.

Everything about the book embodies the spirit of generosity, from the cause it has been produced to help, to the generosity of its contributors and the conversation it brings. It’s a book of passion and spirit, a true labour of love.”

See more here: http://da3.designassembly.org/book/



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