What was your favourite piece of work last year?

Let your mind drift back and just watch where it settles, leave deliberately conscious thought to one side as you do this. You’re looking for a consumer response, what was actually memorable?

For me I have to admit I land on Mother’s IKEA Kitchens For Every Party.

The geezers, the birds, the track, the dance, it all works. If John Webster was here again, 19 and living in Bethnal Green, this is what he’d be doing.

I didn’t like it when I first saw it. Probably because I didn’t want to, because I fear Mother, because I see them as competition with greater resource than I might ever have. Because they are so consistently amazing.

I said to myself, no, it’s a pop promo/fashion shoot through a long pack shot.

But I think differently now.

I remember (when I was about 14) first seeing Abbot Mead’s work for Volvo by Tom Carty and Walter Campbell and thinking, “Naa that’s just bullshit, for a BMW maybe, but for a Volvo, they’re about safety aren’t they?”

Of course a year later I think Volvos are cool.

Great work never fits the brand at first; it’s like a suit that’s too big. The public perception of the brand grows in to it.

In that sense the best work is never on brand, it’s off brand, up ahead of the brand.

Getting this kind of work out the gate, getting clients to have the faith is never easy.

Now a year later I think more of IKEA than I ever did.

Mother has done it again. 
To be honest I’d give both of my balls for one of Mark Waites’.

And I’d give the IKEA work a Creative Circle gold as well.

The team could stick it in their kitchen, as a talking piece at parties.

It’s British, it’s brilliant, enter it for a Creative Circle award it’s undoubtedly going to win now.

– Ed