I took this photo from a screen at another awards judging last year. It’s a mail drop. It’s a spoof of one of those post office notifications you get through the door when the parcel couldn’t be delivered because it didn’t fit the letter box. It’s for Kit Kat Chunky. Magic.

I was told that it was voted out of early rounds on the grounds that there were no hard and fast results for it, and that there should be because it’s direct response.

Well I think that’s a lot of cock myself.

Actually for a piece of DM this does more for the brand than most of the brand TV you see on the box day to day.

It’s got to be a Creative Circle gold. So simple and, compared to most of the tired detritus you get shat through your letterbox on a daily basis this would without fail get snatched up, read and laughed at.

Who did it?

I did!

No I didn’t.

But whoever did should enter this in to the Creative Circle awards now!