For The Creative Circle, it began at London’s Trocadero Hotel on 8 October 1945. Over lunch, of course. 


The above article is from Advertiser’s Weekly 18 October 1945. You can read it yourself (just click it for a legible size), but it’s interesting to note a couple of specific points:

“Among the many existing bodies which have … advertising as their common interest, there is none which concerns itself exclusively with the craft of visualising, writing and designing advertising. It is felt that such a body would not only provide a much-needed forum for the real creators of advertising, but would incidentally do much to enhance the status of advertising as a profession.”

66 years on, and the Creative Circle stands for exactly the same things. Creatives, creativity and craft. 

“…only a high sense of moral responsibility in the handling of the great power wielded by advertising could set a standard of leadership which would inspire advertising to spurn meretricious appeals and prove to industry that in the long run it is good advertising that pays best.”

Since the beginning, we’ve been showcasing the very best of British advertising – and yes, spurning those ‘meretricious appeals’ – with regularly published collections of work, and as hosts of many a lively debate. 

On a side note, only once, back in 1980, did the Circle try to award the very worst work of the year, with categories including “Worst Use of a Well Known Personality”, “Unfunniest Misuse of Humour”, “Biggest Triumph of Technique over Script” and even “Most Boring Commercial”. But then, that’s another story for another day…

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