Creative Circle gold perhaps? It certainly gets my vote. I worked for the British Heart Foundation a while ago, we did a good job and won lots of effectiveness and creative awards. It’s a great cause and they do some excellent advertising, but this trumps the lot.

The controversial decision to kill the mouth to mouth myth is bold. Focusing on CPR is clear simple and confident. The idea of the BPM of a music track being generally the same as the BPM of a heart beat, what a leap! I didn’t know how to give CPR… 30 seconds later and I do, that is one hell of a hard working 30 seconds. And, I’ll remember it for as long as I live (or someone else does). 

The choice of track is inspired, the script is word perfect, the choice of Vinnie is bang on (I worked with Vinnie on a project a while back and I met his wife, she suffered from some heart condition, so there’s a legitimate back story for the press to talk about and of course I’m sure Vinnie was only too pleased to help). The two dudes in the background jigging around with the ghetto blaster are all perfect too.

If you’re young in this game, watch it, study it, soak it up and weep that you didn’t do it. “You only kiss your misses on the lips,” “you push hard and fast here on the sovereign to staying alive,” – I wish I’d written that. And then the way Vinnie whacks the bloke back down again when he gets up is all perfect and lovely.

It’s only the 5th of Jan and already we’ve got a great standard set and a tough one to beat. Shit!

Oh, and well done to all at Grey and the BHF involved in this little masterpiece.

Happy new Year. x