Trevor Beattie hands over the reins of the Creative Circle to Ed Morris:

“Having completed my stint as el Presidente of da Circle, I made a shortlist of those in whose safe hands I felt it should next reside. Atop my list was Mr Ed Morris. 

I’ve known and worked with Ed for many a happy year. Not only is he responsible for some of the finest creative work of his generation (his PlayStation “Double Life” went from Ad of the Year, through Ad of the Decade to become its own genre of poor imitations..), he has always had a singleminded passion about our business.

Ed loves what we do. He has time for those who want to make it in advertising. He’s a role model and a bloody top fella to boot.

We all owe a debt to Lord Denton for rescuing and transforming Creative Circle. I believe Ed Morris will take it somewhere very special indeed.

I’ve had fun. I can’t wait to see what President Ed has in store for us.

Happy Days.”